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The Timken Company engineers, manufactures and markets bearings, transmissions, gearboxes, belts, chain and related products, and offers a spectrum of powertrain rebuild and repair services. The leading authority on tapered roller bearings, Timken today applies its deep knowledge of metallurgy, tribology and mechanical power transmission across a variety of bearings and related systems to improve reliability and efficiency of machinery and equipment all around the world.

The company's growing product and services portfolio features many strong industrial brands including Timken®, Fafnir®, Philadelphia Gear®, Carlisle®, Drives® and Interlube™. 

Known for its quality products and collaborative technical sales model, Timken posted $2.9 billion in sales in 2015. With more than 14,000 employees operating from 29 countries, Timken makes the world more productive and keeps industry in motion.

Timken's spherical plain bearings (SPBs), or bushings, are metal-on-metal bearings consisting of a spherically ground inner ring housed in a mating outer ring without any rolling elements.  While all plain bearings are precision ground and made from through-hardened steel, custom orders are available and can include special materials, clearances, surface finishes or configurations to accommodate unique applications.

Size range: Available from 12.7 mm - 600 mm (0.500 in. to 23.622 in.) bore

Design Attributes

  • Rings manufactured from hardened steel help deliver consistent, reliable performance.
  • Phosphate-treated rings coated with molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) minimize friction of contacting surfaces.
  • Simplified housing and shaft designs reduce installation time.



  • A-frames, dump cylinders, front and rear struts, and steering cylinders for mining trucks
  • Equalizer track bars, lift and tilt cylinders, push blades, trunnion balls and ripper blades for bulldozers
  • Articulated joint upper and lower steering cylinders and boom and bucket cylinders for wheel loaders
  • Stick and bucket cylinders for hydraulic excavators
  • Additional applications for space shuttles, heavy movable structures and miscellaneous vehicles

The most basic and widely used tapered bearing, the single-row type consists of the cone assembly and the cup. It is usually fitted as one of an opposing pair. During equipment assembly, single-row bearings can be set to the required clearance (endplay) or preload condition to optimize performance.


Single-row tapered roller bearings have positive roller alignment that ensures true rolling motion and generates a “seating force” that pushes the roller against the cone large rib. This seating force prevents the rollers from skewing off apex, thereby keeping them positively aligned and located against the cone large rib.


TS (Pressed Steel) >

This is the most basic and most widely used type of tapered roller bearing. It is typically mounted in opposing pairs on a shaft.

TS (Pin-Type) >

The pin type design increases the load-carrying capacity of TS bearings by removing cage bridges, leaving more room for rollers, and by featuring longer rollers.

TSF (Flanged Cup) >

TSF bearings have flanged cups to facilitate axial location and accurately align seats in through-bored housings.


TSU bearings are self-contained, unitized assemblies that carry heavy radial loads and can manage thrust loads in either direction.

TSL (with DUO FACE-PLUS™ Seals) >

TSL bearings are similar to TS bearings, but feature DUO FACE-PLUS™ seals pressed onto the outside diameter of the cone rib.

Precision Bearings >

For more than 50 years, Timken has offered a wide array of precision-class tapered roller bearings that deliver superior accuracy and control in critical applications.

TSRB (Snap-ring cup) >

This bearing features a TSF design with a groove to accommodate a snap ring instead of a flange.

TSHR (Hydra-Rib™) >

The Timken® Hydra-Rib™’s floating rib design compensates for thermal growth variations while maintaining the optimum setting and accuracy for a variety of speeds and loads.

TSK (Keyway Cone) >

Featuring one or more keyways, the TSK bearing is used in applications where it is not practical to use an interference fit.

TXR (Crossed Roller Bearing) >

Timken precision crossed roller bearings (TXR) are designed to offer the highest levels of rotational accuracy and rigidity while conserving space and saving material costs.

Timken® MileMate™ Matched Wheel Bearing Sets >

Timken MileMate sets – the original matched wheel bearing sets – are designed to keep trucks up and moving. Our matched cup and cone sets are built for superior results and less downtime.

454-Series™ for Dual & Wide Single Tires >

Sets in the 454-Series are specially designed to handle two-inch outset loads, providing flexibility of wheel arrangements and consistency within fleets.

Fuel Efficient Bearings >

Timken® fuel efficient bearings are used in automotive axles to improve fuel economy, reduce weight, lower operating temperatures, minimize noise and increase reliability.

Double- or two-row tapered roller bearings feature double cups and two single cones. They are available in a variety of configurations for general industrial and automotive applications.
TDI (Two-Row Double-Inner Race)
TDI (Two-Row Double-Inner Race) >

TDI bearings can be used at fixed positions on rotating shaft applications. For rotating housing applications it can float on the stationary shaft.


TDO (Two-Row Double-Outer Race)
TDO (Two-Row Double-Outer Race) >

The configuration of the TDO provides a wide effective bearing spread, making it ideal for applications in which overturning moments are a significant load component.


TNA (Two-Row Non-Adjustable)
TNA (Two-Row Non-Adjustable) >

These bearings provide a solution for many fixed or floating bearing applications where simplicity of assembly is required.


SR (Two-Row Set-Right™ Assembly)
SR (Two-Row Set-Right™ Assembly) >

With Timken’s Set-Right™ automated setting technique, SR bearings are a low-cost choice for many industrial applications.


Timken® UltraWind Tapered Roller Bearing
Timken® UltraWind Tapered Roller Bearings >

Ideal for original equipment manufacturers developing multi-megawatt wind turbine designs, the UltraWind tapered roller bearing combines either a two-row tapered roller bearing or two single-row tapered roller bearings with seals, lubrication and condition monitoring.

2TS-IM (Spacer Assembly with Indirect Mounting)
2TS-IM (Spacer Assembly with Indirect Mounting) >

2TS-IM assemblies are comprised of two single-row bearings with an inner and outer race spacer.

2TS-DM (Spacer Assembly with Direct Mounting) >

2TS-DM assemblies are generally used at fixed positions on rotating shaft applications.

2TS-TM (Spacer Assembly with Tandem Mounting) >

These bearings are ideal for applications where combined radial and thrust load capacity is required, but the thrust component is beyond the capacity of a single bearing.

Four-row bearings provide maximum capacity in minimum space, combining the inherent high-load, radial/thrust capacity and direct/indirect mounting variables of tapered roller bearings.

Their main application is on the roll necks of rolling mill equipment.  All four-row bearings are supplied as pre-set matched assemblies with all components identified to ensure correct installation sequence.

TQO (Straight Bore Four-Row Assembly)
TQO (Straight Bore Four-Row Assembly) >

TQO bearings are directly mounted and comprised of two double inner races, two single and one double outer race, with an inner race spacer and two outer race spacers.


TQOW (Straight Bore with Cone Face Lubrication Slots)
TQOW (Straight Bore with Cone Face Lubrication Slots) >

TQOW bearings are similar to TQO bearings. When the fillet and/or filler rings do not already have lubrication slots, they are provided in the faces of the bearing inner races.


TQIT (Tapered Bore Four-Row Assembly)
TQIT (Tapered Bore Four-Row Assembly) >

TQIT bearings allow for an interference fit on the backup rolls of high-speed mills, providing optimum stability and roll rigidity.


SRNB (Sealed Four-Row Bearing)
SRNB (Sealed Four-Row Bearing) >

Timken® sealed roll neck bearings (SRNB) provide reliable strength with industry-leading tapered roller bearings. Featuring advanced, proprietary sealing solutions, Timken SRNB can result in lower cost-per-ton-rolled for mill operators. Choose from our new integrated seal design, carrier seal design, specials or custom designs.

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