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NTN bearings, widely used in the production for use in all areas of precision machinery. How to minimize friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency? This past purely expect precision, have begun to use in various fields orbit satellite, aviation, railway and automobile, papermaking equipment, office equipment and food machinery and other industrial sectors!
NTN common categories: NTN miniature ball bearings, NTN deep groove ball bearings, NTN angular contact ball bearing imports, NTN self-aligning ball bearings, NTN cylindrical roller bearings, NTN tapered roller bearings, NTN thrust ball bearings, NTN self-aligning roller bearings. Users can provide technical advice and service work.
In addition, Japan NTN Bearing leading products are: NTN rolling bearings, NTN deep groove ball bearings, NTN precision bearings, NTN-aligning bearings, NTN Bearings, NTN plane ball bearings, NTN cylindrical roller bearings, NTN linear guide bearing, NTN ball screw bearings, NTN miniature linear guide bearings, NTN cross roller guide bearings, NTN bearings to complex rotary bushing bearings, NTN bearings ball slip group, NTN bearing cam follower bearings.
Model Structure Editor
Its main composition post number, front number and basic number three parts. Rear numbers are in English and Arabic numerals indicate the like materials, tolerances and structure NTN bearing. NTN Bearing model under normal circumstances only the basic model representation. The basic model is composed of three parts, namely: the type of code, code size and diameter code. Front number indicates the bearing other portions, such as: sub-components, expressed in English.
Rolling table model rule
First, the rolling bearing, for example, the number of their respective pre, post numbers, basic number.
NO1. Leading Number

In reality, the type of rolling bearing applications are numerous, the number represents relatively complicated. NTN Bearing the leading number indicates the sub-components, expressed in English. For example, with K to represent NTN bearing rolling elements and cage assemblies. NTN Rolling a more detailed description can be found ntn thrust bearing ntn tapered roller bearing.
NO2. Post Number

Rear bearing number is in English and Arabic numerals indicate the like materials, tolerances and bearing structure. Common bearing radial clearance series is divided into Group 1, Group 2, six groups. Bearing tolerance to low is divided into six senior level, the internal structure of the number is followed by the basic code with the letters represent different internal structures of the same type of bearing.
NO3. The basic number

The basic series of numbers indicates the width, diameter, diameter and type of NTN Bearing series. ntn bearing basic code type from the right fifth digit (for cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings type code letter) code to use, the inner diameter of the bearing basic code from the right with the first digit indicates. The same structure, the same inner diameter bearings with the basic code the third digit from the right change in outside diameter and width of the representation. For example, radial bearings and angular contact bearings, 0,1 represents special light series; bearing structure changes, and the inner diameter of the bearing diameter series are the same width with the basic aspects of the series, code-named fourth from right digits. In 1990, China decided to modify the original Rolling code method, and developed a national standard.
Oscillation comparison editor
NTN Bearing swinging loads and variable loads. Sometimes the size and direction of the load can not be determined exactly, for example, in high-speed rotating machinery, in addition to bear the weight of the rotor to a fixed direction of the load out, as well as rotational load caused by unbalanced mass of rotating load than if such fixed load much larger then the resultant load is still spinning load; and if the rotating load is much smaller than the fixed load, the resultant load is swinging loads.
Regardless of rotating load or load swing, the size and direction are constantly changing. In the case of a variable working condition, but some rings suffered load rotation possible load, but when a fixed load, but when they swing load. This is called load variable load. Swinging loads and variable loads on the load with the rotation should be treated equally, loose fit can cause damage to the mating surfaces.
With respect to the ring and shaft or housing bore load direction of rotation should be selected transition fit or interference fit. Interference in size when working in load bearing, NTN bearing ring which does not have a "creep" phenomenon on the mating seat surface of the shaft or hole principle. In the load is light or heavy loads at low speed rotation ring occasionally, with the choice of transition, when the shaft surface should have a higher hardness and smaller surface roughness. For heavy loads of occasions, usually should fit tighter than normal load and light load situations. The heavier the load, the greater should be its interference with.
Fixed load acts on the synthesis of radial load ring by ring raceway local area to bear, and passed to the shaft or relative area of ​​Wuxi NTN bearing, such as a fixed load load. Fixed load is characterized by the synthesis of radial load vector ferrule relatively static. Ferrule and synthetic radial load are rotating at the same speed of rotation or are of a fixed load. Bear a fixed load ferrule can choose looser fit.
Bearing checking edit
First, check the NTN Bearing vibration at work
In bearing vibration measurement reflected from falling off, indentation, corrosion, cracks, wear, etc. will, bearing vibration of the bearing damage is very sensitive, therefore, through the use of special NTN Bearing vibration measurement device (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, the frequency points can not be inferred unusual circumstances. Because after the measured values ​​due to the conditions of use or sensor installation location NTN bearings, etc., and you need to advance to the measured value of each machine are analyzed and compared to determine their criteria.
Second, check NTN bearings rolling sound when the case
Because even a slight bearing damage such as peeling, also an abnormal tone and irregular sound, so sound can be measured with a resolution, using sound measuring device, for operation of the rolling bearing size and sound quality to be checked, play the role of prevention in advance.
Third, to check the temperature of NTN Bearing rotation
If the use of the hole can be measured directly NTN bearing outer ring temperature, position is more appropriate. Under normal circumstances, NTN Bearing temperature, generally in accordance with the bearing chamber outside temperature can be inferred out. If the lubrication, install the appropriate department, the bearing temperature will be rapid rise, there will be abnormal high temperature, then must stop running, take the necessary precautions.
The role of editor
Investigate its role should be supported, that literal interpretation to the bearing axis, but this is only part of its role in supporting its essence is to be able to bear the radial load. It can also be understood as it is used to a fixed axis. Fixed shaft is rotated so that it can only be achieved, and the control of its axial and radial. Without bearing the consequences of the motor is not work. Because the axis motion may be in any direction, and the motor shaft work requirements can only be rotated. In theory, the role of transmission can not be achieved, not only that, bearing also affect the transmission, in order to reduce the impact on the high speed shaft bearings must achieve good lubrication, itself has some bearing lubrication, called pre-lubricated bearings, and most of the bearing lubricant, load at high speed due to friction will not only increase energy consumption, even more frightening it is very easy to damage the bearings. The sliding friction into rolling friction is one-sided, because the kind called plain bearings things. Structure and performance characteristics of bearings
Axial angular contact ball bearings

Axial angular contact ball bearing contact angle is generally 60 ° common thrust angular contact ball bearings are generally two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings, mainly used for precision machine tool spindle, general and double row cylindrical roller bearings are used together with, affordable two-way shaft to load, with high accuracy, good rigidity, low temperature, high speed, easy assembly and disassembly, etc..
Deep groove ball bearings

In the structure of each ring of deep groove ball bearings have a cross-section of approximately the equatorial circumference of the ball one-third of the continuous groove type raceway. Deep groove ball bearings are mainly used to bear radial load, but also bear certain axial load. When the bearing radial clearance increases, with the nature of angular contact ball bearing can withstand both directions alternating axial load. Compared with the same size compared to other types of bearings, such bearings friction coefficient is small, extreme high speed, high precision, user selection of the preferred bearing type. Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, easy to use, is the largest production volume, most widely used of a class of bearings.
Thrust tapered roller bearings

Since the thrust tapered roller bearings in rolling element tapered roller, rolling bus washer raceway on the bus structure are remitted to the bearing axis line of a point, and thus the rolling surface may be formed of pure rolling, high speed limit thrust cylindrical roller bearings. Features: Thrust tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load unidirectional. Thrust tapered roller bearing type code is 90000.
4, bearings of double row tapered roller structure, the performance characteristics of the bearings
Double row tapered roller bearing structure range is the maximum amount of 35,000 type, there is a double outer ring raceway and two inner ring, a spacer between two inner ring, a change in thickness of the spacer adjustable clearance. Such bearing radial load at the same time can withstand two-way axial load, and can limit the axial displacement in the housing bearing axial clearance range. Tapered roller bearing structural features of. Tapered roller bearing type code 30000, tapered roller bearings for the separation of bearings. Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear radial load mainly radial and axial joint load. Compared with the angular contact ball bearings, bearing capacity, low speed limit. Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load in one direction, a direction to limit axial displacement of shaft or housing.
Edit invention
The early form of linear motion bearings, is a row of wood is placed in a row at the sled. This technique may be able to be traced back to the time of construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, although there is no clear evidence. Modern linear motion bearings is one of the working principle, but sometimes with a ball instead of rollers.
The first sliding and rolling element bearings are made of wood. Ceramic, glass or sapphire also used, steel, copper, other metals, plastics (such as nylon, bakelite, Teflon and UHMWPE) are commonly used.
From heavy-duty vehicle axle and spindle to precision watch parts, many occasions require slew bearing. The simplest rotary bearing sleeve bearings, it's just a bush sandwiched between the wheel and axle. This design was subsequently Rolling alternative is to use a lot of cylindrical roller replace the original liner, each rolling body is like a single wheel. First put into practical rolling bearing cage with the watchmaker John Harrison in 1760 for the production of H3 timing meter invention.
Italy aboard a Roman ship in Lake nm found, found early examples of ball bearings. The wooden ball bearings are used to support the rotation of the desktop. The ship was built in 40 BC. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci around 1500 had been to a ball bearing is described. Various immature factors in ball bearings, a very important point is that the collision will occur between the ball, causing additional friction. But we can put the ball in a small cage to prevent this phenomenon. 17th century, Galileo the "fixed ball" or "basket ball" ball bearing did the first description. But then for a long time, install the bearing has not been achieved on the machine. The first patent on the ball channel is Carmarthen Philip Vaughan in 1794 obtained.
In 1883, Friedrich Fischer proposed the use of appropriate production grinding machine of the same size, roundness accurate ball proposition. This laid the basis to create independent bearing industry. "Fischers Automatische Gu & szlig; stahlkugelfabrik" or initials "Fischer Aktien-Gesellschaft" later became a trademark, registered in the July 29, 1905. In 1962, FAG trademark has been modified and are still in use, and in 1979 became an integral part of the company.
In 1895, Henry Timken designed the first tapered roller bearings, three years after obtaining a patent and the establishment of The Timken Company.
In 1907, Sven temperature Qwest SKF bearing factory designed the first modern self-aligning ball bearings.

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