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FYH Bearing Company was founded in 1950, specializing in the production PILLOW BLOCK (with Rolling Block), has now become a world-class seat belt bearing manufacturers. With advanced technology, using a unique self-aligning bearing production line, from the implementation of fully automated processing quality inspection.
FYH Bearings tolerances than the Japanese Industrial Standard specifications are more stringent, may be used in a variety of stringent requirements for high-speed rotation of places.
FYH are about 700 kinds of standard bearings, FYH bearing about 300 species. Consisting of thousands of living bearing assembly industry made great contributions. In addition to standard products, as well as heat resistance, corrosion, dust, etc. can withstand a variety of harsh environments FYH seat belt bearing. In order to meet customer needs diversity, FYH bearings have been put into small, lightweight components, various components of stainless steel series, ceramics series, and has been praised all parties.

Production FYH seat belt spherical bearing lighter load to a heavy load covering broad areas to meet the needs of world industry.
Rolling seat belt is grease sealed deep groove ball bearings and bearing boxes of various shapes combination of precision component products.
Rolling with seat can be installed by several bolted directly to the body of machines or equipment with automatic energy-Mind, can be grease supplement, is a very simple installation • Use convenient products. Including UCP, UCF, UCFL, UCT, UCPA and other products.
Sheet steel series bearing assembly. Components with spherical bearings, including UC, B, KH, UK series.

Bearing the same internal structure and single row deep groove ball. Withstand large radial loads simultaneously, it can withstand axial load in both directions.
The same accuracy and precision bearings in general, but also has high rotational accuracy and good high-speed performance
FYH Bearings
II: rational structure and aligning with the most appropriate
Bearing assembly by ball bearings and bearing inner surface of the hole of the outer diameter of the spherical surface and with aligning performance. Thus, you can adjust the deviation due to the shaft deflection, eccentricity produced axis, the bearing does not act on abnormal load, thus ensuring the original life of the bearing.
Outside diameter spherical surface of the bearing after grinding, spherical bearing bore also on another boring through precision machining, so bearings and housings were the best fit at the same time, sent back a high performance.
Three: high sealing performance
Since the bearing assembly slinger mounted on the bearing ring and bearing outer ring mounted on the inner achieved multiplier effect, priority is placed inside the bearing lubricating oil leaked out and placed outside dust, water, etc. invade the bearing.
Excellent oil resistance seal is made of synthetic rubber, the seal lip pressing force to the best contact with the bearing inner ring.
When used in dust, water and other relatively large number of applications, the triple seal assembly (L3) or the most suitable dust cover assembly (C, CD, FC, FD).
Four: Grease simple supplement
Chock mounted Grease nipple, so you can easily run in the bearing grease to supplement. In the dust, juicy, large moisture, high temperatures and other harsh environments, periodically add new grease at their best to ensure that the bearing, thus extending bearing life.
Five: high rigidity, high strength bearing
Bearing deformation were the best design to reduce the concentration of stress and depression caused by the load, and select high-quality materials through casting technology and high level of stamping techniques.
Bearing high rigidity, high strength such that no abnormal load bearing role, extending the life of the bearing. In addition, depression bearing surface of the painting, it is possible to maintain a long-term attractive appearance.
Six: installation, easy to use
Forms bearing assembly can be bolted directly to a few themes machinery, apparatus on and in this state directly. Another use of the principles of the bearing inner ring on the shaft with clearance fit.

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