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Ceramic Bearing

2018-10-25 18:00:44

Ceramic bearings are divided into full ceramic bearings and mixed ceramic bearings. All ceramic bearings are generally made of ceramics in addition to the cage and are manufactured using almost exclusively silicon nitride. The cage is mainly made of high temperature plastics, especially PEEK, which has outstanding stability and can also be used in corrosive media. Bearings made from these materials can be used at temperatures up to 250 °C. Use PEEK or PI with a solid lubricant of molybdenum disulfide to provide additional good friction properties under unlubricated operating conditions. Use heat-resistant steel and nickel-based alloys up to 500 °C and above. When the temperature is higher, the cageless bearing is used. Due to its low material density and high hardness, all-ceramic bearings can fully utilize their superiority in certain application fields. All ceramic bearings have the following outstanding properties: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-lubricating operation, medium lubrication, light operation, light structure, insulation and non-magnetic. Hybrid ceramic bearings are manufactured only with rolling elements made of silicon nitride, ferrules made of steel or special metal materials (stainless steel, high speed tool steel or nickel based metal). Hybrid ceramic bearings have greatly improved the performance of the bearings due to the optimization of the material pair. Hybrid ceramic bearings use silicon nitride rolling elements to increase the speed because the centrifugal force of the silicon nitride balls on the outer ring raceway is reduced by approximately 60%, which improves the rolling motion. High-speed hybrid spindle bearings increase in rotational speed and have significantly lower rotational friction than steel bearings, so hybrid spindle bearings can reduce bearing friction and heat. Due to its advantageous material pair, hybrid ceramic bearings can be lubricated with lean or long-life grease, which greatly increases the life. In addition, hybrid ceramic bearings also have an insulating effect, which can be an important standard of use in motors. Hybrid ceramic precision bearings can work stably at 120 °C.